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How To Stay Warm For A Winter Wedding
hair styles windy weddings Are you having a winter wedding and worried about the cold? You certainly wouldn't be the first bride that's had these worries. Weddings are year-round events, and even thought it's slightly more difficult to plan and pull off a winter wedding, it always takes our breathe away when we get to attend such a frosty affair. Are you worried about whether you and your guests will be able to stay toasty throughout the day? Well, don't fret, here are some great tips to help you out.

Hot Chocolate Fountain
We've all seen towering champagne fountains, but hot chocolate fountains are divine during cold weather. Is there anything better than a cup of steaming hot chocolate on a cold winter's day? Of course not, hot chocolate is synonymous with winter weather. If you choose ot have a hot chocolate fountain at your wedding, don't forget about the toppings. Have some whipped cream (on ice), cinnamon and marshmallows on hand so guests can customize their beverage.

Comfort Food
Quick, close your eyes and think of all the food you want to eat when the temperature drops. Well, we hope you pictured a nice hearty bisque, chicken pot pie, or a fantastic steak with mashed potatoes. Hearty food insulates the body and will help you stay warm while keeping your energy level up for dancing.

Keep Your Feet Toasty
Whenever we got cold when we were younger, our mother would say, "Of course you're cold, you have nothing on your head and feet. Go put some socks on now." Naturally, she was right, and to this day whenever we are cold we put on some thick socks or warm footwear. UGG boots were just made for this type of job, which is why you see them on winter brides everywhere. Save the freezing stilettos for summer.

Are you getting married in the winter? Well, count your blessings because you can always add layers to your wedding gown in cold weather, but you can only take off so much before the cops are called when it's hot. The best way to stay warm is to make sure you have warmth on the inside and warmth on the outside. Once that is taken care of, you won't even realize that you're getting married in sub-zero temperatures.

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